On May 7, 2019, at the annual Sunnyside Cemetery meeting, new rules and regulations were adopted for the Sunnyside Cemetery.

The following rules and regulations have been adopted as a guide for the use and management of the Cemetery. These all are governed by the Sunnyside Cemetery of Savoy, Texas Trust Agreement which is in effect for all time. All owners of interment rights, visitors, and contractors performing work within the Cemetery shall be subject to the said rules adopted by the Trustees of the Sunnyside Cemetery.



Person or persons to whom have paid, inherited, or conveyed to in writing a lot in the Cemetery


A space 5x12 for a single burial at a cost of $200 each


The Cemetery does not charge a Grave Opening fee. (There is a fee charged by the Funeral Home for this.)


A monument, tombstone, or headstone identifying the grave name & date of birth/death


This includes grass mowing and weed eating, road maintenance, trimming of trees, and the filling in of sunken graves, and general maintenance and clean up. It does not include repair or replacement of markers, monuments, and foundations; and shrubbery pruning on individual lots. 


President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Also other than the trustees, six members should be obtained on the Board at all times. With ten members, at least six must be present for a quorum to make the proceedings for the meeting valid. If one Trustee or member can no longer serve, a new one should be elected by the other memebers to take that place immediately


A container used for cremated remains


Rules and regulations of the Cemetery and premises for burial spaces and services made to the Cemetery are set by the Trustees of the Sunnyside Cemetery at whichever time they may see need. The Cemetery may, and reserves the right, at any time, with or without notice to lot owners to adopt new rules and/or repeal any rule, regulation, article, section or paragraph in these Rules and Regulations. The Cemetery retains the right, for the benefit of all interment right owners, full and complete management of the roads, development, books and records, mowing, trimming, cleaning, and any other seen necessity.

1: A Certificate of Ownership will be issued to each owner of the rights of burial for their said lots. This Certificate issuance is the Cemetery's form of recognition of the owner of this said lot. If/when this owner should die or become unable, a Trustee of the Cemetery should be notified in writing and a new Ownership Certificate will be given to the inherited or guardian person or persons. In the event of a lost Certificate, a letter in writing stating the cause of loss, will be reviewed by the Trustees and if favorable a new one will be issued. Lots must be paid in full before a burial is made or a Certificate issued.

2. Lot Owners are required to notify the Cemetery of any changes of address or name change.

3. All Graves must have a permanent Grave Marker within six months of burial, stating full name, birth and death dates. However, no Memorials/Grave Markers shall be placed at the Cemetery without notifying one of the Trustees and the placement marked.

4. Urns/Cremations may be placed beside an already owned plot at no charge. If there is need for a new space the fee will be same as a regular grave.

5. The Cemetery is open to the public from 7am to 7pm. (9pm in the summer months). Anyone seen at the Cemetery other than these hours will be reported to the local police.

6. Alcoholic or illegal drugs or Loitering is strictly prohibited on the Cemetery Premises.

7. The Cemetery will be mowed as needed when it is feasible according to weather. The Trustees will determine who should be responsible for this.

8. Families may place flowers or wreaths at their own graves at any time during the year. However, the Cemetery reserves the right to remove unsightly flowers, wreaths and other decorations from lots as needed. No glass containers are allowed for flowers. There shall be no fencing around the graves at any time. The Cemetery Trustees must be contacted and approval had be before any curbs, rocks, etc. are placed around graves.

9. The Cemetery is not responsible for theft of flowers or vandalism that may occur to graves or monuments. This will be turned over to the local law enforcement.